Rachel Zoe’s Guide to Fall/Winter 2006


Rachel Zoe: A Stylist to the Stars

  How to get the Rachel Zoe look
Hair: Cut and color by Byron Williams at Byron Studio in Los Angeles
Makeup: Sue Devitt Eye Intensifier Pencil in Tanzania and Gold Coast Bronzing Powder, both at Sephora storesJeans: Rock & Republic — cut off at the ankle, size 25Jewelry: Anything gold from Kaviar and Kind on Sunset Boulevard, preferably layered pieces, but “keep only one item big”Undergarments: Go bralessExercise: NoneFood: “The Stress Diet” (“If my life would settle down, I think I could put on some weight,” Zoe says).

Shoes: Yves Saint Laurent, Alexander McQueen, Gucci and Balenciaga. No flats.

For dressing up: Anything Grecian and 1970s looking, preferably vintage Halston or YSL. Nothing above the knees (“I’ve got chicken knees,” she says).

Zoe — she was Rachel Zoe Rosenzweig until her agent urged her to drop her last name — is one of a handful of sought-after Hollywood stylists who earn up to $6,000 a day. She dresses some of the world’s most visible teen idols for film junkets, premieres and magazine shoots. (Mischa Barton, Jennifer Garner, Salma Hayek, Kate Hudson and Brittany Murphy are also clients.) As such, her power as an image maker cannot be underestimated. A recent entry on a Lohan fan site read: “I would do anything to look like her!”

It’s not that no one has ever done the bohemian chic look before. Kate Moss and Sienna Miller have a similar, much imitated style, mixing vintage with modern-day romantic pieces, and inspiring designers such as Chloe’s Phoebe Philo and Stella McCartney. For these English style icons, fashion is effortless. But in Hollywood, women are used to walking the red carpet. They have to look “done,” with every detail perfect, down to makeup and hair. So Zoe has created her own brand of studied effortless chic.

“I’m not trying to make people look like me,” she said during a recent interview at her Beverly Hills apartment, which has racks of designer clothing crammed in the entryway. “But when you spend a lot of time with someone, you rub off on each other. I think I’m kind of an older sister to Lindsay and Nicole.”

072605zoe.jpgIn fact, it’s not uncommon for Zoe, 33, to dress “her girls” as she calls them, out of her own overstuffed closet, full of free clothes given to her by designers in hopes that she or one of her clients will be photographed in them.

Zoe’s style is grounded in 1970s sex appeal — part biker chick, part disco denizen. During the day, she favors super-skinny jeans, sky-high studded or python stilettos by Gucci or Alexander McQueen, cropped Chanel jackets, and gold chains with shark-tooth charms from Kaviar and Kind. Her face is bronzed and her eyes lined and colored with frosted shadow. For evening, Zoe goes for drapey goddess gowns — vintage Chloe or Yves Saint Laurent, and always clingy. (A recent purchase from Decades was a one-shoulder purple chiffon Halston.)






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